Our Philosophy

A Relationship as

a Loving Leader

Loving Leaders Dog Training is based on the “Tenderfoot Method”. This method was created by Tenderfoot Training based in Boulder, Colorado. Our trainings are based around a relationship of Love, Trust and Respect. We use a wide, stiff flat collar and leash so both you and your dog are comfortable and there is no risk of injuries. We do not use food as our primary motivator or any “harsh devices” such as shock collars, pinch collars, gentle leaders, harnesses, etc. If you rely on a device to control your dog, your dog is also relying on that device and the relationship is with that device. The same goes for food, after a while you might find your dog doesn’t cooperate unless you have food in your hand. This is because the relationship is with the food. Whether you use food or devices working with your dog it is mainly to either control or avoid a situation. The problem is neither of these options teaches our dogs. Instead, we want to create different real-life scenarios and help teach our dogs to make the correct decision.

Dogs live in social hierarchies and thrive from a leadership role. It is our responsibility as the owners to establish this leadership position. If we do not become the leader then most likely your dog will. Unfortunately, a lot of your dog’s choices are not acceptable in today’s society. With our help, we will show you how to become a responsible and loving leader.

Dogs are meant to lower our blood pressure, not raise it! Through our easy-to-learn drills, you will learn to connect and communicate in a way that both you and your dog will understand. Making life much easier for both you and your dog.

Through using our relationship-building drills you will notice most problems start to fade away. The reason is that through changing your relationship, your dog now has a decision to make and instead of just reacting or doing what he previously would have done, he now will look to you for guidance before proceeding. This is why our techniques last a lifetime because they are based on a relationship.

Dog Owner Reviews

Our rescue dogs have severe socialization problems but Isaac was able to get them to behave and be more approachable. We wish he lived a lot closer as we have moved to Florida. We highly recommend Isaac Reeve for your dog sitting & training needs.
Denise L. 
Isaac at Loving Leader Training is an amazing Dog Trainer. He truly cares about the dogs and will do his best to help you understand your four-legged friend better.
I highly recommend Isaac, especially to people with shelter/rescue dogs.
Nadine R.