About Isaac

Certified “Tenderfoot” Trainer




I started my dog training career in New York where I grew up. At the time I was working in the construction field and after a while, I knew I didn’t want to do it forever. I didn’t know what my purpose was or the direction my life was going. My wife asked me one day “What makes you truly happy?” It was then that I realized I am the happiest around animals. I have always had dogs and cats since I was a kid. It wasn’t until my teenage years I found my love for horses. I started looking for animal-based jobs and found myself working at a local animal shelter. I started as a kennel attendant taking care of the dogs (cleaning kennels, feeding, walking them, etc.). On my days off I would volunteer in the training department. I worked my way up until I was part of the training staff. This Is where I met Tenderfoot Training who opened my eyes to a more natural way of communicating with dogs. I loved everything about their methods and wanted to learn more. That fall my wife and I moved to Colorado so I could work with Tenderfoot. I apprenticed with them and became a certified Tenderfoot Trainer. I created Loving Leaders Dog Training to spread the methods of Tenderfoot Training. I want to educate the world on a more natural, reliable. and fun method of training.

Dog Owner Reviews

I have a two-year-old Golden Retriever rescue, Louie, who can be unpredictable with other dogs, is very stubborn, and likes to test every single boundary. So finding the right person to walk and dog sit him is a challenge. I am so thankful to have found Isaac!

Not only can he handle Louie’s energy, but after every session/stay with Isaac, Louie is calmer and more obedient. Isaac is incredibly patient and goes above and beyond, loving Louie as if he were his own and keeping him on his regular routine when I am out of town. He develops a trusting and loving bond with the dog and teaches them to choose the right decision vs. forcing or scaring them into good behavior. Louie gets so excited to see Isaac, that he has burst through doors to get to him! I would recommend Isaac’s training to anyone!